Friday, October 06, 2006

Bob Ryan, the Patriots, and writing.

Bob Ryan's a great writer. Every once in a while, he proves it. Here's the end of an article about the Patriots from today's Globe:

They know they're a part of something special, but they can't dwell on it. The only way to produce an outcome such as last Sunday's is for each man to put aside extraneous thoughts and concentrate strictly on what he must contribute to this team effort, and that does not include thinking about fans, or history, or anything that would take away from the ability to concentrate on the task at hand.

``This is not the time to reflect," said Harrison. ``The time to reflect is when you're retired and sitting on your boat. Then you can tell your grandchildren about the New England Patriots."

That's a player talking. Now I'm talking. For you and me, the time to reflect has already begun. Be grateful every day that you've had, and still have, the New England Patriots are in your life.

Amen, Bob. And by the way, I do.