Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The college roommate speaks out.

My old college roommate sent this email after reading about my broken toe on this blog:

//I'm trying to picture how you broke it...kicking the TV after your InDemand porno didn't work???...jacking off so hard you knocked your monitor off your desk and onto...
don't ask me how I could be so accurate.

Re: your blog's name- it's great & kinda funny; I've gotta get you a download of Henry (the 5 yr. old) singing that song (he LOVES the Heads...go figure...)//

Actually, the toe was broken in a black ice incident about five steps before I reached my office. However, I have proceeded to make the pain even worse by engaging in both scenarios opt forth above.

Looking forward to seeing Master Henry make like David Byrne. He certainly HAS to have a better voice than his father.


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