Friday, January 13, 2006

Why the name?

I thought I should probably explain the name of this blog. It's called Dry Ice Factory, because in their song "Cities," the Talking Heads sang, "Look over there!...A dry ice factory...A good place to get some thinking done."

Simple as that.


Blogger mike said...

hello im from johns refuse in northford ct and im just trying to advertise so that some of the people on blogger can try working here to help us out and its not so bad of a job if your thinking because i am a person who has to sit in a passenger seat of one of the trucks and every stop we go to i have to get out while the other guy operates the truck so if im in a rear or front loader(original garbage trucks) i only have to pick up the trash cans throw them in the back since you usually see them all over the place im always the one in the back and it really isnt a hard job after a few weeks of experience ive been here for about 5 years now and i think the jobs greater than being anything else but the trucks i love the most are the roll-off trucks all you have to do is simply connect a cable to a dumster cover it with a tarp rather hand tarp or auto tarps and then your on your way already

8:19 PM  
Blogger mike said...

oh yeah and the name of the dry ice factory thing if you know there actually is a company i think in branford called the dry ice factory so dont go to crazy with this name because my uncle used to work there about 3 years ago

8:21 PM  

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